[Quiz 1] Ôn tập Tiếng Anh 9 HKII (phần II)

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Nội dung đề thi

Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

1. Nam has a strong sense of protecting the environment ____ so does Minh.

   A. and                      B. but                          C. or                            D. because

2. We need to fix the roof ___ there might be strong wind blowing.

   A. if                           B. however                 C. although                 D. because

3. That is the book ___ contains all the information you need about festival in Vietnam.

   A. of which              B. that                         C. it                              D. whose

4. Please remember to ___ all the lights and fans before leaving the rooms.

   A. switch on                        B. look up                   C. go away                  D. turn off

5. Why don’t we invite some friends ___ for dinner?

   A. to                         B. into                         C. over                                    D. from

6. The teacher suggests that all of us ___ do something for the school fair.

   A. might                   B. will                          C. should                    D. had better

7. Is it ___ they will come for a short stay at Chirstmas?

   A. right for              B. true that                 C. afraid so                 D. hopeful then

8. Tet is a festival which ___ us a chance to have family reunions.

   A. gives                    B. turns                       C. causes                     D. makes

9. ‘Let’s do something interesting this evening!’ – ‘___’

   A. Don’t mention it.            B. OK, why not?         C. What about doing?           D. You’re welcome

10. Are these the books ___ you have been looking for?

   A. which                   B. who                                    C. whom                     D. whose

11. Peter likes soccer, ___ David doesn’t; David likes tennis.

   A. and                      B. but                          C.or                             D. because

12. ___ now we have early warnings, disasters still cause great losses of wealth and lives.

  A. Because                B. For                          C. Although                D. If

13. Long, ___ has just talked to you, is my close friend.

   A. who                     B. that                         C. whom                     D. whose

14. Students have to economize by ___ all the lights and fans before leaving their rooms.

   A. turning on                       B. looking for             C. going on                 D. turning off

15. She has been teaching French in this school ___ 1998.

   A. in                          B. for                           C. since                       D. from

16. I suggest that you ___ contribute to the environment–saving movement.

   A. can                       B. will                          C. should                    D. had better

17. They ___ you the job if you can use the computer.

   A. would offer         B. have offered          C. will offer                 D. are offering

18. Tet is a festival which ___ in late January or early February.

   A. causes                 B. turns                       C. reaches                   D. occurs

19. John is proud ___ his father and loves him so much.

   A. about                   B. for                           C. in                             D. of

20. If only he ___ us the truth in the first place, things wouldn't have gone so wrong.

   A. had told               B. told                         C. has told                  D. tells

21. ___ are used to kill insects and weeds so as to help crops grow better.

   A. Pesticides            B. Dynamite               C. Treasure                D. Creatures

22. This man ___ $5000 at Durham Magistrates’ Court yesterday for cutting down the trees in the forest.

   A. was fine               B. has been fined       C. fined                       D. was fined

23. Plastic bag are hard to ____ so they will cause pollution.

   A. dissolve               B. warp                       C. tear                         D. collect

24. If the sea water continue to be polluted, many fish species ___ extinct.

   A. became                B. will become           C. would become       D. become

25. The study is working toward the ___ of cancer.

   A. prevent               B. prevents                 C. prevention             D. preventions

26. This warm jacket will help to protect you ___ the cold.

   A. for                                    B. with                                    C. off                           D. againist

27. In winter, heating ___ for 50% of our electricity bill.

   A. takes                    B. occupies                 C. accounts                 D. costs

28. We had better get ___ to check the wiring before we start decorating.

   A. a plumber           B. a mechanic             C. an electrician         D. a consumer

29. If you want to save money, you should ___ the amount of water your family uses.

   A. increase              B. reduce                    C. adapt                      D. repair

30. Who is going to look after your children when you’re at work?

   A. search                 B. regard                    C. take care                D. help

31. The company collapsed because of its failure to ___.

   A. innovate              B. innovating              C. innovations            D. innovates

32. With Australia 24 point ahead at halftime, the game was ___ over.

   A. effect                   B. effective                 C. effectively               D. effectiveness

33.  He is famous for his ___. He is very helpful to those less fortunate than himself.

   A. kind                     B. unkind                    C. kindly                      D. kindness

34. January 1st ___ widely recognized as New Year’s Day in the 1500s.

   A. becomes              B. become                  C. has become            D. became

35. I was enjoying the ___ of not having to go to work.

   A. freedom              B. opportunity           C. ability                      D. permission

36. It looks like they’re going to succeed ___ their present diffculties.

   A. yet                        B. because of             C. even though           D. despite

37. On Easter Day, people crowd the street to watch colorful ___.

   A. shows                  B. parades                  C. paradises               D. contests

38. Father’s Day ___ a national holiday in America since 1972.

   A. has been             B. was                         C. is                             D. will be

39. The chruch caught fire when it was struck by ___.

   A. hurricane                        B. lightning                 C. thunder                  D. battery

40. Ho Chi Minh City, ___ I live, lies on the Sai Gon River.

   A. which in              B. which                      C. in where                 D. where

41. A funnel – shaped storms passing overland below a thunderstorm is call a ___.

   A. typhoons             B. tsunami                  C. tornado                  D. hurricane

42. Do you remember ___ taught us English composition?

   A. who                     B. whom                     C. that                         D. which

43. The temple was destroyed in the violent volcano ___ of 1470 BC.

   A. erupt                   B. eruption                 C. erupting                 D. erupts

44. These bucket must be filled ___ water for future use.

   A. of                         B. into                         C. with                         D. on

45. Have you ever seen any films ___ UFOs?

   A. over                     B. in                             C. with                         D. on

46. They received ___ advice from the teachers that they made a lot of progress then.

   A. so good               B. such good             C. such a good           D. so good an

47. If there ___ no O2 on the earth, life as we know it wouldn’t exist.

   A. will be                  B. were                       C. is                             D. are

48. Wearing dark glasses gives him an air of ___.

   A. mystery               B. mysterious             C. mysteries               D. myth

49. If there were only one village on earth and it had exactly 100 people, who ___ it?

   A. will it consist       B. would it consist     C. was it consist         D. does it consist

50. Japan has a very big ___ that makes cars.

   A. argiculture          B. business                 C. industry                  D. tourism

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